Professional Development

Small Business Week Advice 

Small business week is one of the best weeks in Calgary. It is a chance to connect with other entrepreneurs in the city and be exposed to new ideas.

Since I am a fan of short, sweet posts, I will leave you with the best piece of advice I heard all week. This is the best because it applies to new and seasoned entrepreneurs. 

If you get too distracted by doing things that don’t advance your goals in business you are wasting your time.

There was about a year in life where I never accepted invitations to social events. Why? Because attending didn’t connect me to the right people or make me any money. I was growing my business and couldn’t be bothered.

Sometimes you need to adapt that mindset in the beginning or during a stage of high growth or even change. 

Don’t get distracted. Easier said then done, but you can do it!

Professional Development

Effectively Planning Your Time

If you own a business or are a C-suite executive, you know how important it is to manage your time. You don’t have anyone telling you when to come in and how to do your job. You are the boss after all.

If you are anything like me, then your Achilles heel is viewing every day as a great day to work. We all know that we need downtime in order to be productive; however, the real question is HOW do we prioritize this downtime?

No Brown Days

I was introduced to No Brown Days, by BriteWrx. This time management system is so simple that you can use it today. First, start by scheduling your “Mellow Yellow” Days. These can be weekends, vacations, family days, anything really. It is so important to schedule Yellow Days first. They cannot be an afterthought or you won’t be able to be productive when you need to be.

Second, schedule your Blue Days. These are times to plan strategy. Depending on how big your team is, this could be once a month or twice a week.

Then schedule your Red “Administration Days” this is where all the boring, paper pushing stuff gets done. It really only deserves one day a week.

Finally, you will be left with Green “Money Making Days” (my favourite). Use these days to implement your Blue Day strategies and maximize your productivity.

Here is the link to the website. Happy Planning!