About Jameela: Biography 


My name is Jameela Ghann and I am the co-founder and designer of Alora Boutique, a socially conscious jewelry company.

Giving back to my community has always been an important part of my life. That is why I ran for and was elected to the Pineridge Community Association Board of Directors 5 years in a row. I served as both Youth Services and Communications Director. In these roles listening to parents and understanding the needs of the children in the community was of the utmost importance. 

After serving my community, I decided to start a social enterprise. Alora exists to create beautiful, meaningful jewelry that gives back. At Alora, we locally craft jewelry for genuine people who care about their community. Every piece is created with a meaning and intention and comes with a meaning card that has a positive message. We donate between 5% and 100% of our sales to charities that transition women out of poverty. In addition to that, we host free skill-building workshops and events for women at these charities. Some of the charities we work with are the Mustard Seed and Homefront.